Fun With The Nun


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  • Feb 6, 2017
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It’s Halloween in Boonobooville and our naughty nun for the evening is the notorious Jacquie Blu. Everyone knows how naughty she has been, so all the guests start making plans as to what to do with her. Mistress Porcelain Midnight commands Sister Jacquie to bend over a stool to begin to prepare her for what is to come. She starts off by by warming up Sister Jacquie’s bare bottom with a traditional Bonobo Way book spanking before moving on to hard bare-handed spanks. After Sister Jacquie’s buns are sufficiently warmed up, Miss Freudian Slit and Cricket Rose come up with a plan. Cricket puts on a latex glove and applies lube to Sister Jacquie’s tight hole to see how many fingers she can shove up in there.

provided by Dr. Susan Block Institute