Eros Day Sex Marathon


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Dr. Suzy celebrates Eros Day 2012 in the Womb Room. We begin with Venus strapped to the Bondage X.  As Prometheus was bound to the rocks for teaching humanity how to make fire, so Venus (Aphrodite to the Greeks, played by the lovely Lyla Storm) is bound to the X for teaching us how to make love. Appropriately enough, Lyla/Venus has a perfectly trimmed pubic heart plus a divine heart-shaped ass (which is no surprise as her uncle is Uranus). But she is suffering on the X, so Dr. Suzy leads the Congregation in the Eros Prayer that brings her cherubic son and lover, Eros (Cupid to the Romans, as well as Hallmark, played by Lyla’s husband, the ever-hard Jeremy Conway), flying in to save the day. Eros frees Venus so that they may screw their way through Eros Day.  And screw they do, for literally hours—oral, vaginal and anal–blessing the congregation with copious squirts of Holy Water from both male and female ejaculation.  This clips contains some of the highlights of those hours. But you can watch the entire show on DrSuzy.Tv.

provided by Dr. Susan Block Institute