Lingerie Catfight & Nude Wrestling with Mistress Kara & Phoenix Dawn


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  • Mar 15, 2018
  • 2 video clips
  • 720 X 480, 720 X 480
  • Art
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Mistress Kara, a “professional nude wrestler,” who works with, among other companies, tangling lustily with men and women, both on camera and off, makes her first dynamic appearance on The Dr. Susan Block Show.  Dr. Suzy suggests and Mistress Kara wrestle her beautiful assistant, Phoenix Dawn, since they share a sizzling chemistry. First, the two tangle in lingerie, fishnet pantyhose and leggings for the Facebook cameras, as Ron Jeremy (a surprise guest on this show) plays the harmonica. Then, for the uncensored DrSuzy.Tv and Bonoboville eyes-only, they strip down for naked skin-to-skin, catfight combat and wrestle together like Wildcats or bonobo gals—juiced up on natural hormones and adrenaline, doing a very aggressive Hoka-Hoka.  It’s like the way the ancient Greeks conducted the original Olympics, except their athletes were all men, and ours are women!!! If you like naked female wrestling or girl-girl catfights, you’ll love this clip!

provided by Dr. Susan Block Institute