The D.A.D. Return To Spank & Shower Trump


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  • Mar 10, 2018
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For this appearance on The Dr. Susan Block Show, D.A. D. founder, Mistress Tara appears to have shrunk Trump down to a more manageable size. Played valiantly by a congenial submissive named Jeeves who is delighted to receive the Presidunce’s punishment, this Trump is so tiny his hands look proportionate.  Before the climactic Russian pissing scene, Ms. Tara gives tRUMP’s rump an OTK (over-the-knee) spanking as she berates him for some of his shortcomings. Then the rest of the group spank him with The Bonobo Way, Fire and Fury, a Jux Leather riding crop and their bare hands.  Next, Diamond lets loose a golden waterfall—which she’d been holding in through the entire show—all over Trump’s shriveled manhood. Phoenix follows with a sparkling sprinkle. Then Tara unleashes her FemDom waters into his gaping mouth. Even Dr. Suzy squeezes out a squirt of golden nectar onto little Donnie’s baby peepee. By the end of the  “Russian Pee Party,” the Presidunce is soaked. What a mess!

provided by Dr. Susan Block Institute