Your appearance on The Dr. Susan Block Show was soooo good that we made part of it into a clip for our Clip-O-Rama Theater. We would like to invite you to partner up with us, so you can earn money from your appearance & clip. It’s easy to sign up. Just follow the link below to get started with Dr. Suzy's Bonobo Fund Partners, where you can help the bonobos and start making money for yourself right away.

Good things will happen when you join our
Bonobo Fund Partners Program


Need help? We'll walk you through it.
Call 310-568-0066 and ask for Kim

40% / 60% Split ☺
Weekly payouts by CCbill

Help Save the Bonobos ☺

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Let’s do it! Let’s save the bonobos!

Go Bonobos!
“Dr. Suzy”

Susan Block, Ph.D.
The Dr. Susan Block Show

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