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Do you have a private video collection of your own? At Clip-O-Rama we enable Content Curators to use through our site and reap the rewards!

We provide the platform for you to earn 35% of total commissions by sending customers to our site. It’s easy to do and it’s free!

  • You get 35% of End Sale
  • You also donate 5% to the bonobos 🙂

If you’re already a member of Bonoboville, you can apply to become a Clip-O-Rama Affiliate and link your feed into your profile. If not, you can still become a Clip-O-Rama Affiliate and use the standard URLs to lead in sales!

*We then manually review all applications to become an Clip-O-Rama affiliate within 3 business days. Once approved, you will receive an email confirming you as an affiliate.


Once approved as an affiliate, you link your clips to Clip-O-Rama from your site with links and banners provided by Clip-O-Rama. The links contain a special tracking code so when a customer clicks through and places an order with Clip-O-Rama – you earn money!

In addition to links and banners, you will receive emails reminding you of specials, telling you about new products and offers and providing suggested content to help you grow your opportunities for earning.