Rhiannon’s “Rabbit Hole” Rides The Motorbunny


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  • Jul 27, 2017
  • 1 video clip
  • 720 X 480
  • Masturbation
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Brainy and buxom real-life MILF Rhiannon Aarons rides our new Motorbunny in this sapiosexual clip from our Bastille Day show. Since Rhiannon is a recent MFA graduate, Dr. Suzy decides to up the intellectual ante and interrogate her about her Master’s Thesis – which happens to be called “Rabbit Hole” – as she rides the vibrating machine, Dr. Suzy and Stormy Spires spanking her jiggling buns with Bastille Day baguettes.  Between the baguette spanking, the Rabbit Hole recitation – which involves “pulling a rabbit out of (her) hole” – and the Motorbunny vibrations, Rhiannon has three rip-roaring orgasms!