Blonde Island Funk Me


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  • May 21, 2015
  • 1 video clip
  • 640 X 480
  • Sex and Politics
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BlockFilms is pleased to present Dr. Susan Block’s BLONDE ISLAND: FUNK ME, a brand new, deliciously nasty, original music video featuring an international cast of some of the world’s hottest blondes going native before a live studio audience at Dr. Suzy’s Legendary Speakeasy, an Island of Pleasure in the Sea of War. Opening with an erotically illustrated story of the Nature of Sex and the Folly of War, it explodes into smoking hot Spanish pop star ORGASMICAL’s live performance of “FUNK ME,” as she is stroked and petted into a musical climax by porn stars Vicky Vette and Bethany Sweet. Come presidents and terrorists, troops and dupes, throw your guns, your bombs and your war plans overboard and swim up between the golden arms and silky legs of the sexiest blondes in the sea. Embed yourself…