Orgasmic Poetry in Motion


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  • Oct 25, 2018
  • 1 video clip
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Sexy, busty Dr. Susan Block Institute sex therapist Cecily Simcoxxx rides the Motorbunny to a raging orgasm as poet Tuesday Conner delivers a poem from her erotic trilogy “Ménage à Trois” in one of the most lyrical climaxes ever on The Dr. Susan Block Show. Dr. Suzy encourages Cecily to let the vibrations take her higher, her finely manicured right hand fingering her juicy clitoris, as FemDom Mistress Lila Sage turns up the power on the big machine, Tuesday delivers her spoken word erotic truth, and the Congregation of the Little Love Church of Bonoboville is truly spellbound, caught up in the erotic artistic wonder of the human body and the sapiosexual brain. “Poetry in motion” shifts into climax, as Tuesday drops her driving delivery to allow Cecily’s exquisite moans and shrieks of orgasm fill the Womb Room, cracking the glass chandeliers (if the Womb Room had glass chandeliers). If you can appreciate the power and glory of poetic crescendo with simultaneous orgasm, you’ll love this very special clip.