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Getting Rid of Bush


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  • May 21, 2015
  • 1 video clip
  • 640 X 480
  • Pop Fetish
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How did you hear about this?

Yes, we really should get rid of the Horrible Bush occupying the Oval Office. And this clip just shows us getting rid of the Hairy Bush occupying Tai’s Oval Orifice. No, it won’t solve any world problems. But it’s a nice close shave that should satisfy the shaving cravings of all you bald pussy fetishists. It’ll even teach you a thing or two about how to give yourself or your sweetheart a nice clean shave that’ll leave her lovely labia hairless and silky smooth, without a nick or a cut to mar their Georgia O’Keefesque beauty. “Getting Rid of Bush” stars our lovely Tai Ellis, shaved, shot and edited by Wagner Rodriguez.