Last Show Downtown with Kat Dior & Natalie Moore


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  • Jul 10, 2015
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KAT DIOR: Recommended to us by Baby Block (who calls in sick for this one), super cute Kat began her career in adult entertainment when she got fired as a medical assistant. Why do so many nurses, paramedics and medical assistants get into porn or swinging? Something to do with lack of squeamishness, I think. Kat’s also a current Christian (Jesus loved the prostitutes, so why not the porn stars?), and at first she claims she’s saving her vagina for God, but her butthole is open for business. It’s an intriguing line, but when I drill her, it turns out to be as factual as immaculate conception, as cute Kat is pretty much a full-service porn star. With beautiful new boobs! NATALIE MOORE: Like seemingly everyone tonight, Natalie loves anal. She arrives with Kat in a sexy pink sunhat—a lovely tribute to the hostess’ hat fetish, and which I could swear Amor was wearing on my bday. Natalie shares her sweet naturals with Kat for Bonoboville Communion and operates the controls for Selma’s sexy Sybian ride .