Madam Raven Rae’s Birthday Cake Nipple-Sucking Splosh Party


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  • Nov 28, 2017
  • 1 video clip
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It’s Spanksgiving and Madam Raven Rae’s birthday. After she blows out her candles, Dr. Suzy invites the slim and sexy Madam, a DomCon favorite, to take the first licks of birthday cake off of kinkster/artist Rhiannon Aaron’s big right nipple, then goes for former Penthouse Pet Christine Dupree huge knockers, as Dr. Suzy suckles the creamy dessert from Rhiannon’s left teat.  Suddenly, like a devout parishioner possessed by the Spirit of Spanksgiving, the Birthday Girl declares: “I have a food fetish! I’ve always wanted to have people eating food off me.”  “Like a Sushi Girl?” Dr. Suzy asks.  Madam Raven Rae nods like an excited youngster, whereupon Christine and Rhiannon help her take off her skirt, feathers and lacy bra, as the Birthday Gal gets down to her almost-Birthday Suit.  “We don’t have sushi tonight, so you can be Cake Girl,” Dr. Suzy tells a topless Madam (who rarely goes topless in public, and for that, we are extremely honored). Dollops of cake icing smear her very pert, pink nipples, and Dr. Suzy, Rhiannon & Christine devour those cream-covered titties like hungry pussycats.  Yum!