Tamera in Bonoboville


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  • Oct 2, 2015
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by Dr. Susan Block

It’s Supermoon Eve, just before the total lunar eclipse, when Bonoboville welcomes a different kind of luminosity into the Womb Room, a human beacon of light illuminating peace through pleasure on Earth. Two visionary leaders of the “healing biotope,” TAMERA, an extraordinary human community, grace my broadcast bed, sharing their narratives and their wisdom—bright and globular as this first Fall full moon—and even partaking in a lusty round of Bonoboville Communion. Now that’s communal ecstasy with a twist of ecosexuality and a powerful moonshine chaser.

Forged in the fire of anti-war fervor and the sexual revolution, the “village” of Tamera was conceived in Germany in 1978 and founded in southern Portugal in 1995 on principles of peace, trust, ecology and “free love.” Today 170 people live, love and work in Tamera, connected with its growing international network and base stations in Israel-Palestine, Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and other countries, each an interconnected part of Terra Nova, the global platform for their mission of peace.