Golden Showers on Trump!


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  • Jan 28, 2017
  • 2 video clips
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  • Golden Showers
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In light of the “news” that Donald John Trump may have received a Golden Shower from four of Russia’s “finest” prostitutes on a Ritz Carlton bed in which the Obamas had once slept, Dr. Susan Block and the full-bladdered FemDoms of Bonoboville decide to do our own re-enactment with a slight twist. Instead of just peeing on the bed, we piss on Trump himself.  It feels very liberating and it looks amazing!  Mistress Tara Indiana prepares our Trump for his golden baptism by forcing him to undress and scolding him for being such a naughty PEEOTUS. First to release her gold rush of rain onto Trump’s body is voluptuous, topless Rhiannon Aarons. Next up is the beautiful Bambi Leigh, who is joined by Jacquie Blu who just happens to bring a full bladder with her. Wheeee! Next up, Dr. Suzy straddles the wet and quivering Trumpster, hitting his tiny little package squarely with her golden stream: bulls-eye!  Just when he thinks he’s been soaked enough, Mistress Tara herself unleashes a golden flood all over Donald John Trump to the roaring cheers of the Bonoboville congregation. A very cathartic experience for the Resistance. Could be fun for submissive Trump Bros into FemDom Golden Showers and a little loving humiliation.

provided by Dr. Susan Block Institute