Rapping With The Penthouse Pets


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  • Mar 28, 2017
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It’s Penthouse Pet night on DrSuzy.Tv, and joining Dr. Susan Block in Bonoboville are the extremely beautiful (inside and out) Penthouse Pet of the Year Layla Sin and her gorgeous and talented “PetSister” Christiana Cinn. In this clip, Dr. Suzy invites Ikkor the Wolf to join the Pet Paradise, as Layla and a totally nude Christiana help him remove his #Bonoboville T-shirt. Then he delivers his anthem in praise of unabashedly “sin”-filled womanhood, “She Bad,” as Christiana twerks out to the max, shaking her amazing ass and all-natural 34Ds, and even doing a magnificent naked split that stretches across our Womb Room stage, as Layla and Dr. Suzy groove to the rap and make out in bed behind them.