Masturbation Exploration AfterParty with Penny Jean


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  • Jul 6, 2015
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Penny Jean: We welcome with open arms and legs this virgin from Atlanta (or Atlantis?), first because she cums with alt porn pioneer and Speakeasy bar man of mystery Jack The Zipper, and second because she’s just amazing. Her striking, super-slim, tan, pierced and exotically tattooed body reminds us a bit of Bonnie Rotten, and her passion for sex is like a mystic’s passion for god. Or maybe it comes from her apparently super-cool mom (shout-out to Mama Esther) who is watching the show. Once Penny went into the Hustler offices on Wilshire and had sex with almost everybody there. She practically does that here in Bonoboville, having steamy hot full-on Measure B-compliant interracial intercourse with at least two guys and a few girls after taking her first Sybian ride. After several orgasms, also shrieking as she cums, “Lord I masturbate! And I am not ashamed!” she embraces the entire machine like a lover. When she heard it cost about $1300, she wanted it even more. We did give her a Phil Varone pink vibe to take home. Having recently had sex with Phil, she was happy enough with that—and then with the two big cocks—one white (DJ Juicy Jay) and one black (Moe The Monster)—to forget about the Sybian…at least until she comes back on her next swing through LA.